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Legal Writing Resources

This guide contains all of the ASC's legal writing resources.

Objective Memo

Objective Memo Template

The following is a general template for an objective memorandum. The specific sections within this template can potentially change based on your professor’s preferences.



I. Issue statement or, alternatively, question presented and brief answers.

II. There can potentially be more than one issue statement or questions presented/brief answers.



Insert chronological facts.

  • Use sub-headings if needed.



Insert roadmap paragraph that consists of conclusions about the overall legal issue.

Include sub-issues AND a discussion of the applicable broad law.

I. Sub-heading #1 for first legal issue.

*Under sub-heading #1, include:

(1) an issue statement,

(2) the applicable broad rule,

(3) sub-rules,

(4) case illustrations (w/ topic sentences and following the holding/facts/reasoning format), 

(5) analysis (including any potential counter-arguments), and 

(6) a conclusion.

II. Sub-heading #2 for second legal issue.

Follow the same format as *Sub-heading #1.

  • Continue doing more sub-headings depending on the number of legal issues in the case.



Insert conclusion paragraph(s) that conclude on all of the legal issue and sub-issues discussed.