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Organizing Research & Citations

How to keep your research and citations organized with citation management and database tools.

Copyright Information

Individuals or groups own creative ideas or original work is known as intellectual property. For instance, slogans, images, music, books, videos, articles, inventions, and other resources are in many cases legally protected under copyright, trademark, or patent laws. Violation of intellectual property rights and laws can carry severe financial, legal, and academic consequences, including academic expulsion.

Laws, such as copyright, protect original creative work used to foster creativity and stimulate ingenuity by protecting the owner’s rights and investment in their work. For example, the creator of a hit song wants to protect their work so they can receive recognition and financial benefit. What would happen if laws did not exist to protect an original work? Anyone could claim ownership to it, and would thus preclude any desire for new original work that could potentially benefit society. 

Copyright Resources