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Organizing Research & Citations

How to keep your research and citations organized with citation management and database tools.

Database Citations

Many Library databases have tools that allow you to view, export, or email your resource citations in APA Style. Using a database’s citation feature will allow you to immediately display a citation on the database screen which can then be copied and pasted into your paper. This method is great for quickly recording a source that you have used.

However, for long term storage and management of these citations, look at the other pages on RefWorks and Other Citation Management Tools.

To access a database’s citation feature, look for a link that says “Cite,” “Citation Tools,” or  a symbol like two quotation marks   or something similar. In NavigatorSearch, this feature is located on the right-hand side of the detailed record screen, as shown below.

Screenshot of an article detailed record in Roadrunner with the Cite button highlighted.


Screenshot of the Roadrunner Cite function showing the APA Style reference.

NOTE: It is important to keep in mind that database citation features are not 100% accurate. Therefore, when using database citation tools, it is extremely important to double-check that all the needed citation elements are in place.