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Westlaw Campus Research

Conducting Business Research

To search within Company Investigator, click on the Company Investigator link from the Westlaw home page. 

You can search for domestic and international business entities by name and other flexible search criteria using the Company Investigator search template. This tool provides information on legal ultimate and immediate parent companies as well as corporate family tree structures. 



The results page sorts results by relevance and includes general information about each business matching your search parameters. Results can be sorted by Name, Address, or FEIN. 

General information includes, if available:

  • Business entity name
  • Business address
  • Officers/Directors/Contacts
  • Phone number
  • FEIN and Ticker Symbol
  • Industry codes (SIC and NAICS)
  • Incorporation information
  • OFAC and Global Sanctions Risk Flag information

The left panel allows you to narrow down by location and industry code. 


Westlaw provides access to EDGAR forms filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) from 1996 to present. To search SEC filings, click on the link for EDGAR Filings & Disclosures from the Westlaw home page. This will direct you to the EDGAR search template. 

Using the search fields, you have the capability of natural language or Boolean searching. You can also search specific document fields, such as Company Name, CIK - Subject Company, Ticket Symbol, Exchange, FEIN number, S&P Indices, Dow Jones Indices, Industry, SIC Code, Form Type, etc. 



Once you've set your search parameters, you can select to review EDGAR Forms or EDGAR Exhibits from the results page. Once a document type has been selected, use the filters on the left panel to narrow down your results.