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Westlaw Campus Research

When Should You Use Westlaw?

Westlaw Campus Research is a comprehensive legal database that provides access to cases, secondary sources, regulations, and statutes at the state and federal levels. 

Use Westlaw when you are conducting legal research and need access to:

  • State & Federal cases
    • Cases - the written opinions of the appellate and lower court judges.
  • State & Federal statutes
    • Statutes - the laws passed by a state legislature or the United States Congress.
  • State & Federal regulations
    • Regulations - include regulations published by state and federal agencies. An example is the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • State & Federal Court Rules
    • Court Rules - the rules that govern the practice and procedure in the various courts (state, appellate, supreme). An example is the Federal Rules of Evidence. 
  • Federal Register
    • The official journal of the United States federal government that publishes government agency rules, proposed rules, and public notices. It is published every weekday with the exception of federally observed holidays. 
  • Business Information
    • Westlaw's Company Investigator provides access to publicly available general information, financial information, corporate family tree structure, and EDGAR documents. 
  • Jury Instructions
    • Jury Instructions - The legal rules jurors should follow when deciding a case. 
  • Forms
    • Legal forms used within different practices of law
  • Legislative History
    • Analysis of the congressional proceedings that took place prior to the enactment of a law. 
  • Administrative Decisions & Guidance
    • Rules, decisions, or guidance enforced by administrative agencies. 

Westlaw KeyCite is an integrated tool that provides an analysis identifying if a case, statute, or regulation is still considered good law. 

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