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HUM-1010 v1

Human Diversity through Art

Week 3 Resources

This week focuses on Race & Ethnicity as it is understood through comedy. Review the resources listed below to prepare for this week’s assignment. Before reviewing these resources, read through the assignment instructions so you know what you will be expected to do with this material. 

Watch the following videos and listen to the audio file below in which each comedian discusses some of the their personal experiences through their comedy. 

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. (2018, Aug 29). DiscrmiNATION The Daily Show [Video file]. Retrieved from

This video from The Daily Show looks at stories of race and discrimination in the United States, including the black men who got arrested in Starbucks and Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet. As you are watching this clip, consider the stereotypes that are highlighted and how is it tied to the artist’s experience.

Johnny Carson. (2011, March 28). Eddie Murphy’s stand up comedy routine (full), first appearance on Johnny Carson show [Video file]. Retrieved from

This video, from 1982, is of then-Saturday Night Live star Eddie Murphy performing on the Johnny Carson Show. As you are watching this video clip, consider how much of his comedy was a result of his personal experiences and the challenges of Black Americans in general. Is there any significant change from 1982 to today?


George Lopez Show - Not Mexican Enough?

One on One with Mario Lopez (2012, November 29). Mario Lopez interviews George Lopez [Video file]. Retrieved from

In this interview George Lopez discusses personal and professional struggles putting on a show about Hispanic-Americans in the 2000s.