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HUM-1010 v1

Human Diversity through Art

Week 4 Resources

This week covers Power & Privilege as is it understood through 1950's and 60's Rock-and-Roll. Review the resources listed below to prepare for this week’s assignment. Before reviewing these resources, read through the assignment instructions so you know what you will be expected to do with this material. 

TEDx Talks. (2012, Apr 11). TEDxEMU - Justin Ford - Pedagogy of privilege [Video file]. Retrieved from

  • This TEDx Talk by Justin Ford addresses the challenges in learning about privilege. He defines privilege in a comprehensive way and offers some activities that help to illustrate the concept. This talk introduces the "Multi-Dimension" model of privilege, which is a holistic, comprehensive approach to teaching the idea.

Bloomberg L. P. (Producer), & . (2012). Economic Edge: The Price of Inequality. [Video/DVD] Bloomberg L. P.

  • This interview with Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Steglitz who talks about rising income and wealth inequality and the effect that it has on the overall environment.

As/Is. (2015, July 4). What is privilege? [Video file]. Retrieved from

  • The idea of privilege is complex. Similar to Justin Ford's talk in "Pedagogy of Privilege," this video depicts BuzzFeed Studios staff engaging in an activity to illustrate how privilege can put some “ahead of others.”