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SOC-2010 v1

Week 1 Resources

Richards, S. (2010, Oct). A radical experiment in empathy [Video file]. Retrieved from

In this TED Talk, sociologist and Penn State professor Sam Richards will provide his answer to the question: "What is sociology?" As you watch, consider why empathy might be at the core of sociology. How does the sociological imagination relate to this talk?

Introduction to sociology: Sociological theory and research methods (2012). [Video file]. Retrieved from

This video augments the history of sociological theory by discussing some of the foundational thinkers in sociology; the major theoretical perspectives; the research methods used by sociologists and the American Sociological Association Code of Ethics.


The Institute of Art and Ideas. (2012, Dec 13). Why Marx was right [Video file]. Retrieved from 

Karl Marx has become somewhat of a caricature in Western culture. In this video, renowned British literary critic, theorist, and public intellectual Terry Eagleton pokes at the assumptions the public holds with regard to Marxist thought through his controversial book Why Marx Was Right. Take what he says seriously, but also examine it critically. As you watch, consider Eagleton's argument and how it relates to Marxist thought and its application in today's society.