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SOC-2010 v1

Week 6 Resources

TED-Ed. (2013, Nov 14). The five major religions – John Bellaimey [Video file]. Retrieved from

In this video from TED Ed, you will review the five major world religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. As you watch, think about how all religions address the big questions: Where do we come from, and how can we live meaningful lives?

Strauss, V. (2015, Feb 12). PRESS TV Documentaries. (2015). The origin of democracy [Video file]. Retrieved from

You have just read about different political systems. In this video from Press TV, you will trace the origin of democracy in particular. As you watch, consider the blurred line between aristocracy and democracy. What does "for the people" really mean? Why is it challenging to achieve a system that truly gives voice to "all” people?