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SOC-3010 Global Civics

Week 1 Resources

Review the resources listed below to prepare for this week’s assignments. The resources may include textbook reading assignments, journal articles, websites, links to tools or software, videos, handouts, rubrics, etc.

Global Civics: Social Ethics in an Interdependent World

Let’s start off our learning with an overview of Global Civics. Global Civics stands on the foundation that as world citizens there is threaded social contract by which we all act responsibility as independent citizens, communities, and nations in our ever-changing interactions with one another on the global stage. After viewing this documentary, you will have a better sense of the effects that ripple outward from a decision, policy, act, or event.

Films Media Group. (2012). Global civics: Social ethics in an interdependent worldFilms On Demand.

Civics a Vital Subject

In this article, you will learn about the value of civics and the role it plays in society. As you read, pay close attention to how civics become a vital part in areas such as law and medicine. After reading this article, you will have gained a more in-depth view of the integration of civics in many areas.


Farnsworth, D. T. (1922). Civics a Vital Subject. Journal of Education, 95(10), 259–260.

Building Global Citizenship: Engaging Global Issues, Practicing Civic Skills

The article explores how experiential learning can be used as a tool to expand interest in civic issues of global significance.

Brunell, L. (2013). Building global citizenship: Engaging global issues, practicing civic skills. Journal of Political Science Education, 9(1), 16-33.

Resource Title: By What Standards Shall we Judge the Value of Civic Education?

As you read this article, consider how civics is regarded as a humanities subject that can influence the political and societal thinking of those who study it. This article addresses the standards by which civics education is taught and its significance as a subject.

Dunn, A. (1914). By what standards shall we judge the value of civic education?. Journal Of Education, 80(3), 76-77. 

Challenges to the Protection of Human Rights Today

This article is the transcript of a speech presented by the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights. The speech provides insights into one of the major challenges faced by the U.N. today, demonstrating the continued relevance of this international body. 

Bachelet, M. (2020). Challenges to the protection of human rights today. American University International Law Review, 35(2), 297-318.

From Global knowledge to Global Civic Engagement

This article presents the argument that knowledge of civics is not sufficient for change in our world. Rather, active civic engagement is also needed.

Lorenzini, M. (2013). From global knowledge to global civic engagement. Journal of Political Science Education, 9(4), 417-435.

The Challenges of Learning to Live Together: Navigating the Global, National, and Local

The article presents the topic if how people live within local, national, and global contexts. This model is one of the concentric circles, and the author presents the argument that learning to live within each circle is essential.

Jackson, L. (2019). The challenges of learning to live together: Navigating the global, national, and local. Asia Pacific Education Review, 20(2), 249-257.

Short Video Series

Now that you have had a chance to explore Global Civics and the issues let’s take a look into the past and learn about events that are historically important to Global Civics. These videos will provide you with a better understanding of how and why Global Civics evolved.


Video 1 The League of Nations

In this video, you will be introduced to the League of Nations as an international entity. It was the first major attempt to create an organization for nations to come together and work towards global peace. As you watch, consider how history has changed due to civic views.

British Movietone. (2018, January 9). First UN general assembly - 1946 [Video file]. YouTube.

Video 2 The United Nations is Created

The following video relives the signing of the charter by 50 nations to create the United Nations, following the end of World War II. The creation of the U.N. was a concerted effort to again avoid the dangers of falling into conflict. After you watch this video, take a few minutes to reflect and think why this was so important.

HISTORY. (2018, October 19). The United Nations is created [Video file]. YouTube.

Video 3 First UN General Assembly

This video presents an overview of the first meeting of the U.N. General Assembly. This meeting represented a milestone in global cooperation. After watching this video, take the time to consider what the impact was and why it was a milestone.

British Movietone. (2018, January 9). First UN general assembly - 1946 [Video file]. YouTube.