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SOC-3010 Global Civics

Week 3 Resources

Review the resources listed below to prepare for this week’s assignments. The resources may include textbook reading assignments, journal articles, websites, links to tools or software, videos, handouts, rubrics, etc.

World Population - Population Games

This website provides three tabs, All About Population, Population Games, and World Population. Take time to explore each one. Listen to the videos, read the information, and have fun playing the games. This website will provide you with a broad overview of the issues associated with population.

World population - Population games - Ined - Institute national demographic studies. (2020).

Overpopulation or Over consumption?

The following video explores the different populations of the global population. As you watch this video, consider the perspectives as they relate to different populations around the world. Are all countries the same?

NV atCEPImperial (2017, Aug 4). Overpopulation or overconsumption? [video]. YouTube.

Editor’s Introduction: Is Overpopulation a Problem? Multiple Perspectives on this Perennial Question

In the Editor’s Introduction article, the author discusses the debate of what overpopulation and attempts to control population entail. Efforts to address population growth can often also come with limits on personal freedoms. As you read this article, think about your own views and how you think this problem should be addressed.

Editors Introduction: Is overpopulation a problem? Multiple perspectives on this perennial question. (2016). American Journal of Economics & Sociology, 75(4), 843-861.

Overpopulation in India

In the following article, you will explore issues associated with population and gain a better understanding of why this is a global issue. The country of India presents a model of the effects of overpopulation and high population density. This article describes the observed effects presently seen, such as scarcity of food and clean water, unemployment, poverty, and other factors.

Dutta, M. (2019). Environmental impact of overpopulation in India. Clarion: International Multidisciplinary Journal, 8(2), 49-51.

IOM: The World must Prepare for Multi-multiculturalism

An effect of a growing population is the increase in the mixing of different cultures, especially via migration and immigration. The following video presents a brief discussion by the International Organization on Migration (IOM) for the need to acknowledge this factor.

Associated Press. (2015). IOM: The world must prepare for multi-culturalism [Video]. USA: Associated Press. 

World Population Outlook: Explosion or Implosion?

The world population is typically seen as growing. This article explores the potential for a decrease in population, though it still states that the population will likely exceed 9 billion.

Leridon, H. (2020). World population outlook: Explosion or implosion? Population & Sociétés, 573, 1-8.


Megacrisis? Overpopulation is the Problem

Society faces many potential challenges. This article explores how overpopulation serves as a foundation for global crises.

Kuo, G. (2012). Megacrisis? Overpopulation is the problem. World Future Review, 4(3), 23-32.

Toward a Small Family Ethic: How Overpopulation and Climate Change Are Affecting the Morality of Procreation

The article reviews a book addressing an underlying cause of overpopulation, namely, the moral sense of producing children. Emphasis is placed on the objections often made to reducing family size.

Hedberg, T. (n.d.) Toward a small family ethic: How overpopulation and climate change are affecting the morality of procreation. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, 28(4), E8-E13.

Region Facing Challenges as World Population Nears 7B Mark

The following video addresses the increasing size of the population while reaching the milestone of 7 billion. It proposes that rather than focus on the increasing numbers, it will be more worthwhile to focus on ensuring a healthy, educated, and skilled population. 

Associated Press. (2011). Region facing challenges as world population nears 7B mark [Video]. USA: Associated Press.

Improving Well-being and Reducing Future World Population

The article presents a study investigating the relationship between well-being and population, finding an increase in well-being results in a reduction in population for a region. It also presents an example of a real-world application of statistics.

Murdoch, W., Chu, F., Stewart-Oaten, A., & Wilber, M. (2018). Improving Wellbeing and Reducing Future World Population. PLOS One, 13(9),  e0202851.

Ageing World: Health Care Challenges

A growing population presents significant challenges. An ageing population has its own significant challenges, especially in terms of healthcare. The article explores this facet of an increasingly ageing population.

Mahishale, V. (2015). Ageing world: Health care challenges. Journal of the Scientific Society, 42(3). 138-143.


Overpopulation Podcast


On the linked website, you will find a series of podcasts that discuss overpopulation. Select two podcasts of your choice to listen to. Ad you listen, think about your own opinion of the topic to expand your view of the issue.

Overpopulation Podcast. (2020).