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SOC-3010 Global Civics

Week 4 Resources

Review the resources listed below to prepare for this week’s assignments. The resources may include textbook reading assignments, journal articles, websites, links to tools or software, videos, handouts, rubrics, etc.

How to Escape Poverty Through Education? Intergenerational Evidence in Spain

The following article investigates the transmission of poverty over two generations and the probability of completing secondary education. As you read, think about what education means to you. From exploring this article and your own thoughts, you will gain insight into the link between poverty and education.

Duarte, R., Fernando-Latorre, S., & Molina, J.A. (2018). How to escape poverty through education? Intergenerational evidence in Spain. Applied Economics Letters, 25(9), 624-627.

Re-imagining Education: Teaching and Learning in a Global Community

This article views how education is related to the global community. It discusses the educational considerations for diverse perspectives on global education.

Larson, L. (2019). Reimagining education: Teaching and learning in a global community. Educational Considerations, 45(1), 1-2.


Education and Poverty: Confronting the Evidence

Read the following article to investigate U.S. based initiatives for education improvement, yet these same initiatives do not take into consideration factors such as poverty and disadvantaged households.

Ladd, H. (2012). Education and poverty: Confronting the evidence. Journal of Policy Analysis & Management, 31(2), 203-227.

Food Insecurity and Hunger in Rich Countries – It Is Time for Action against Inequality

Despite controlling a significant portion of the world’s wealth, rich countries still experience substantial shortages of food among their general populations. This article explores the presence of food insecurity and hunger among the populations of rich countries.

Pollard, C., & Booth, S. (2019). Food insecurity and hunger in rich countries – it is time for action against inequality. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16(10).

What’s Really Holding Women Back?

Women are underrepresented in high-level job roles. The article discusses a long-term study which investigates the beliefs and practices that contribute to this continued underrepresentation.

Ely, R., & Padavic, I. (2020). What’s really holding women back? Harvard Business Review, 98(2), 58-67.

From “MeToo” to Boko Haram: A Survey of Levels and Trends of Gender Inequality in the World

This is an extended manuscript based on a speech given at the University of Gottingen in Germany regarding the dimensions of gender inequality around the world.

Klasen, S. (2020). From “MeToo” to Boko Haram: A survey of levels and trends of gender inequality in the world. World Development, 128


Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World

Video Abstract

Around the world, more than 62 million girls are not in school, according to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). As girls grow into adolescence, cultural and familial pressures often make it harder for them to stay in school, though educating women correlates to lower rates of infant mortality, increased GDP, and greater economic security for families. CNN Films has produced a new film about girls overcoming incredible challenges to achieve their educations and change their own lives, with contributions from First Lady Michelle Obama, Meryl Streep, Freida Pinto, and CNN journalist Isha Sesay. Singer Andra Day’s motivational anthem, ‘Rise Up’ will serve as the theme for the film. Sesay, a native of Sierra Leone, who has passionately covered Africa and issues related to women and girls on the continent throughout her career, guides viewers of this poignant film through a moving and motivational journey. In Marrakech, Sesay, the First Lady, Meryl Streep, and Freida Pinto met with dozens of adolescent Moroccan girls who shared their stories and their dreams. In Liberia, Sesay, Pinto, and Mrs. Obama met with several girls who told their extraordinary stories, and later, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf surprised a group of impressive young women who are motivating each other to stay in school.