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Professional and Technical Writing

Week 3 Resources

Review the resources listed below to prepare for this week’s assignments. The resources may include textbook reading assignments, journal articles, websites, links to tools or software, videos, handouts, rubrics, etc.

Technical Communication: A Reader-Centered Approach

This chapter describes the typical tactics and strategies used to create audience-appropriate correspondence, including letters, emails, and memos.

Read Chapter 21: Writing Reader-Centered Correspondence: Letters, Memos, and Pages,  pages 368- 377

To access the Redshelf book, click on the book link located in the book resources module or the bookshelf link on the top navigation bar of the course.

Anderson, P.V. (2019). Technical communication: A reader-centered approach. Redshelf

Professional and Technical Writing


These handy sections discuss style, tone, etiquette (and more) concerning the proper creation of business correspondence.  Further, the types of business communication are broken down into their individual components.

Unit 5 Emails, Memos, Letters

Read sections 5.3 “Memos.”

Read Section 5.4 “Memorandums”

Baker, S. (2019). Professional and technical  writing.OER Commons. technical-writing/5/view

Business Writing Tutorials

You are learning the value of professional writing through tone, constructing professional documents, and understanding the technical aspect of professional writing. Explore the linked page to look at each product (resume, CV, drafting, revising, business media, etc.) to get a better understanding of the process of professional writing.

Tutorials Point (2020). Business writing skills tutorial.

Soft Skills in the Workplace

As you prepare to attend a workplace (or professional) meeting, it’s important to remember that how we present ourselves and interact with others is an essential component to success.  While you are just attending a meeting as an audience member, your non-verbal communication and soft skills still play a role in how you are received by others.

NaJor Productions (2016). Soft skills in the workplace (2nd Ed.). [Video/DVD] JIST Career Solutions. 

4 Essentials for a Respectful Workplace

This short video highlights key parts of creating and maintaining a culture of respect in the workplace, a vital component to any meeting that you might attend!

Seven Dimensions, (2019). 4 essentials for a respectful workplace. [Video/DVD] Seven Dimensions. 

Why you need Better Business Writing Skills by 2020—and Dozens of Ways to Improve

This business writing page will provide you with insight as to why business writing skills are vital in today’s world. On the left-hand side of the page, you will see several “Recent Posts on Business Writing Skills” topics. Explore each one of the recent posts to gain a broader overview of the different aspects of technical writing and the part they play in becoming a better, faster writer.

Ernst, S. (2019). Why you need better business writing skills by 2020—and Dozens of ways to improve.