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Professional and Technical Writing

Week 5 Resources

Review the resources listed below to prepare for this week’s assignments. The resources may include textbook reading assignments, journal articles, websites, links to tools or software, videos, handouts, rubrics, etc.

SWOT Analysis

A short paper written about the use and purpose of SWOT analyses, and with insight as to how one can be used, and for what purpose(s).

Harmon, A. (2020). SWOT analysis. Salem Press Encyclopedia.

How to do a SWOT Analysis

This quick little video provides a nice overview of how and why a SWOT Analysis can be used, and how to get started.

Sage. (2019). How to do a swot analysis [Streaming video].SAGE Video.

Plot your Next Move with a SWOT Analysis

This short work lends great insight as to the purpose and procedures (and outcomes) of SWOT analysis.

American Psychological Association. (2020). Plot your next move with a SWOT analysis. MGMA Connection, 128–129.

What Is a SWOT Analysis and When Are They Done?

This work discusses both what a SWOT analysis is (and can be), but also provides an example of how a SWOT analysis can be used in business.

"What Is a SWOT Analysis and When Are They Done?" TheStreet, 17 Aug. 2018. Gale Academic OneFile.


SlideModel SWOT set up

Now that you have learned what a SWOT analysis is and why it is used in business, the last step is to write technical and well-prepared analysis for presentation. The lion page will walk you through the do’s and don’ts of creating a SWOT preparation. When you have completed reviewing this page, you will have a better understanding of how it all comes together; this will also help you prepare for your assignment. (2020). Best SWOT analysis templates for powerpoint.