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The Helping Process

Week 4 Required Resources


Your course textbook, Direct Social Work Practice, can be accessed via the Getting Started module in your course.

Hepworth, D.H., Vang, P.D., Blakey, J.M., Schwalbe, C., Evans, C. B. R., Rooney, R., Evans, C.B.R., Dewberry Rooney, G., & Strom K. (2023).  Direct social work practice: Theory and skills.  (11th ed.).  Cengage Learning, Inc.   

  • Chapters 8 and 9

  • These chapters focus on this week’s topic of assessment, our next step in the GIM.   


Kelly, A.  (2021).  Questions and probing for correctness.  

  • The University of British Columbia video models asking questions and restating answers to ensure accuracy.  All our important aspects of completing an effective assessment.