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ART329 v1

Module 1 Required Resources


Your textbook is located within each Module. You are required to read the chapters and select pages from the textbook (Including reading all “Making It Real,” “Going to the Source,” “Art Historical Thinking,” and “Looking More Closely” sidebar sections within these chapter pages as well as “Seeing Connections” Sections and other pages as noted).

Robertson, J., Hutton, D., Harmansah, Ö, Kjellgren, E., Koontz, R., Lee, D., Luttikhuizen, H., Palmer, A.L., Sloboda, S., Visonà, M.B. (2021). This history of art: A global view (Volume 1 and 2). Thames & Hudson College.

  • Introduction (Pages 16-31)  
  • The Earliest Art (Page 33) 
  • Chapter 1: The Beginnings of Art (Pages 34-49)
  • Chapter 2: Art of Early Africa (Pages 50-64)
  • Seeing Connections: The Art of Trade and Diplomacy in the Bronze Age (Page 96)
  • Seeing Connections: Ancient Writing Systems (Pages 132-133)
  • Chapter 7: Early Art from South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania (Pages 135-146)
  • Chapter 8: Art of Early East Asia (Pages 145-160)
  • Chapter 11: Art of Early South America  (Pages 191-203)
  • Early Cities and Empires (Pages 204-205)
  • Chapter 12: Art of Early Mesoamerica (Pages 206-218)
  • Seeing Connections: Stolen Things: Looting and Repatriation of Ancient Objects (Pages 219-220) 
  • Seeing Connections: Early Global Networks: The Silk Road (Pages 270-271) 
  • Chapter 16: The Development of Buddhist and Hindu Art in South Asia and Southeast Asia (Pages 272-288)
  • Chapter 21: Art of Rising Empires in Japan and China (Pages 346-361)
  • Seeing Connections: The Cultural Power of Gold across the World (Pages 362-363)