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ART329 v1

Module 3 Required Resources


Your textbook is located within each Module. You are required to read the chapters and select pages from the textbook (Including reading all “Making It Real,” “Going to the Source,” “Art Historical Thinking,” and “Looking More Closely” sidebar sections within these chapter pages as well as “Seeing Connections” Sections and other pages as noted).

Robertson, J., Hutton, D., Harmansah, Ö, Kjellgren, E., Koontz, R., Lee, D., Luttikhuizen, H., Palmer, A.L., Sloboda, S., Visonà, M.B. (2021). This history of art: A global view (Volume 1 and 2). Thames & Hudson College.

  • Seeing Connections: The World in Perspective (Pages 676-675) 
  • Chapter 41: Art of Mesoamerica and North America, after 1300 (Pages 676-691)
  • Chapter 42: Art of Central and South America, 1100-1550  (Pages 692-701)
  • Seeing Connections: Mapping the World (Pages 702-703)
  • Chapter 43: Art in Late Imperial China, 1366-1795 (Pages 704-717)
  • Chapter 44: Art in Early Modern Korea and Japan, 1600-1900  (Pages 718-730)
  • Seeing Connections: Blue and White Porcelain: A Global Commodity (Pages 792-793) 
  • Chapter 49: African Art and Global Trade, 1450-1860  (Pages 796-807)
  • Chapter 50: Islamic Art of Empires in North Africa, West Asia, and Central Asia, 1400 – 1800  (Pages 807-824)
  • Chapter 51: Early Modern Art of South Asia and Southeast Asia, 1400-1800  (Pages 825-840)
  • Chapter 52: Art of Oceania 1200-1800  (Pages 841-854)
  • Seeing Connections: The Artist’s Workshop (Pages 855-856)  
  • Chapter 53: Map 53.1: Baroque Europe and European colonies in North and South America, c. 1700 (Page 858)