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ART329 v1

Module 2 Required Resources


Your textbook is located within each Module. You are required to read the chapters and select pages from the textbook (Including reading all “Making It Real,” “Going to the Source,” “Art Historical Thinking,” and “Looking More Closely” sidebar sections within these chapter pages as well as “Seeing Connections” Sections and other pages as noted).

Robertson, J., Hutton, D., Harmansah, Ö, Kjellgren, E., Koontz, R., Lee, D., Luttikhuizen, H., Palmer, A.L., Sloboda, S., Visonà, M.B. (2021). This history of art: A global view (Volume 1 and 2). Thames & Hudson College.

  • The Spread of Religions (Pages 396-397)  
  • Chapter 24: The Development of Islamic Art in North Africa, West Asia, and Central Asia (Pages 398-413)
  • Chapter 25: Art of African Kingdoms and Empires  (Pages 414-428)
  • Chapter 26: Monumental Art in South Asia and Southeast Asia  (Pages 429-445)
  • Chapter 27: The Dissemination of Buddhism and East Asian Art (Pages 446-461)
  • Seeing Connections: Art and Ritual (Pages 462-463)  
  • Chapter 30: Art of the Americas  (Pages 497-512)
  • Chapter 31: Art During the Song and Yuan Dynasties (Pages 513-527)
  • Seeing Connections: Pax Mongolica (Pages 528-529)  
  • Chapter 32: Transformative Eras and Art in Korea and Japan  (Pages 530-543)
  • Chapter 33 pgs. 544-559 The Regionalization of Islamic Art in North Africa, West Asia, and Central Asia (Pages 544-559)
  • Seeing Connections: The Art of Writing (Pages 560-561)