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ART329 v1

Module 4 Required Resources


Your textbook is located within each Module. You are required to read the chapters and select pages from the textbook (Including reading all “Making It Real,” “Going to the Source,” “Art Historical Thinking,” and “Looking More Closely” sidebar sections within these chapter pages as well as “Seeing Connections” Sections and other pages as noted).

Robertson, J., Hutton, D., Harmansah, Ö, Kjellgren, E., Koontz, R., Lee, D., Luttikhuizen, H., Palmer, A.L., Sloboda, S., Visonà, M.B. (2021). This history of art: A global view (Volume 1 and 2). Thames & Hudson College.

  • Imperialism, Revolution, and Innovation (Pages 890-891)  
  • Chapter 55: Map 55.1 Global trade routes and European colonies in 1765 (Page 893)
  • Seeing Connections: Picturing the Other in the Age of Imperialism (Pages 951-952) 
  • Chapter 59: Art of Oceania in the Colonial and Postcolonial Era, 1800 to the present (Pages 953-966)
  • Chapter 60: Art of Colonial and Independent South Asia and Southeast Asia, 1800 to the present (Pages 967-982)
  • Seeing Connections: Empire Building (Pages 983-984) 
  • Chapter 64: African Art, Colonialism and the Modern World, 1860-1960 (Pages 1034-1047)  
  • Art in a Connected World (Pages 1048-1049)   
  • Map 66.1 World Colonial Empires, c. 1900 (Page 1063) 
  • Seeing Connections: The Universal Impulse toward Abstraction (Pages1078-1079)  
  • Chapter 67: Mexican Art after the Revolution (Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera)  (Pages 1091-1094)
  • Chapter 68: Modernity and Identity in East Asian Art, 1850-1980 (Pages 1095-1109)
  • Seeing Connections: Modern Art and War (Pages 1110-1111)  
  • Chapter 69 pgs. 1112-1126 Modern and Contemporary Art of North Africa, West Asia, and Central Asia 1800 to the present (Pages 1112-1126) 
  • Chapter 71 pgs. 1143-1158 Modern Art in North America 1925-1965 (Pages 1143-1158)
    •  Chapter 71 is optional to read.
  • Chapter 72: Art of Independent African Nations, 1960-2000  (Pages 1159-1173)
  • Seeing Connections: Diaspora in the Modern World (Pages 1190-1191)