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Module 4 Required Resources


Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.

Your course requires a textbook that must be purchased from the NU Bookstore or any other resource of your choosing (for example, on Amazon). 

  • (Review) Chapter 3. Business Models and Strategy
    • 3-1. Understanding Business Models
    • 3-2. Functions of Business Models
    • 3-3. Evolving Business Models—IBM, GE, and Amazon
  • Chapter 1. Internet and Mobile Marketing in the Digital Ecosystem
    • 1-4. A Profile of Digital Users
    • 1-5. Drivers of Digital Transformation
    • (Review) 1.3 Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing—Salesforce and North Face
  • Chapter 2. The Supply Chain Becomes a Value Ecosystem
    • 2-5. What Comes Next for the Supply Chain?