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Week 2 Required Resources


Please review the following sections of Part 2 in Brown and Lent (2020) to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts covered in the Week 2 lecture and quiz: 

  • The Role of Gender in Career Development (pp. 273-286)  

  • The Role of Race and Ethnicity in Career Development (pp. 309-334)  

  • The Influence of Social Class and Poverty on Career Development (pp. 356-366)  

  • LGBT Population and Career Development (pp. 392-394)  

  • Supporting Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities in Career Development (pp. 405-428)  

  • Supporting Older Workers and Retirees (pp. 458-461) 


The following resources correspond to the assigned readings this week; they are available to job seekers in California and are discussed in the Week 2 lecture: 


Week 2 Optional Resources