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Week 4 Required Resources


Please review the following sections of Part 4 in Brown and Lent (2020) to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts covered in the Week 4 lecture and assignments:    

  • Promoting the Career Development of Children and Adolescents in the Twenty-First Century (pp. 643-667) 

  • Promoting Career Choices (pp. 695-696) 

  • Facilitating Success in the Job Search Process (pp. 724-727) 

  • Promoting Satisfaction and Effective Performance at Work (pp. 760-761) 

  • Unemployment and Underemployment: Prevention and Counseling Implications (pp. 769-788) 



Fleming, K. J. (2016). 4 skills and 4 steps to a successful career. Career & Technical Education Pathway Program

  • Learn the 4 skills and 4 steps all students need to be successful in school, career, and life. Written and narrated by Dr. Kevin Fleming, Ph.D. 

Week 4 Optional Resources