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Week 1 Required Resources

Your course textbook can be accessed in the Getting Started module of your course.

Schriver, J. M. (2020). Human behavior and the social environment: Shifting paradigms in essential knowledge for social work practice (7th ed.).  Allyn & Bacon.

  • Read Chapter 9 (pp. 288-311): Enduring Theories, Perspectives, and Practice Models Influencing Social Work Practice with Groups. This chapter covers how to apply an understanding of group dynamics to human development and behavior.
  • This chapter explores decolonization in practice.
  • This article reviews research related to antiracism in social work education. 
  • This qualitative study details the foundational competencies required for affirmative practice in group therapy with LGBTQ+ populations and describes a simulation-based learning activity designed to develop these competencies in graduate students.
  • This article describes how these interventions may be merged into an integrated whole through social work practice with groups. The conceptual and evidence base of community work is summarized, as are efforts to identify practice skills that overlap both approaches.  
  • This is a presentation delivered to social work students on decolonizing social work practice.