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Week 6 Required Resources

Schriver, J. M. (2020). Human behavior and the social environment: Shifting paradigms in essential knowledge for social work practice (7th ed.).  Allyn & Bacon.   

  • Read Chapter 12 (pp. 403-429): Enduring and Emerging Theories, Perspectives, and Practice Models Influencing Social Work Practice at Global and Environmental Levels. This chapter covers how to apply an understanding of global dynamics to human development and behavior.

Your course textbook can be accessed in the Getting Started module of your course.

  • Article outlines the green framework as a method for social workers to understand the intersection of climate crisis, environmental and social justice issues. 
  • Article argues that social work needs to include nonhuman animals in its consideration of person-in-environment, and offer an expanded version of feminist intersectionality inclusive of species as a way forward
  • This is a discussion about ecosocial work; ecosocial work is inclusive of structural social work in addressing the social structures causing social problems.  
  • Overview of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
  • This article employs a critical reflection approach to examine two authors’ two-academic-year teaching–learning and supervision-training experiences of green social work-specific in-class and field education in an MSW program.