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This guide describes the many e-book resources available through the NU Library and how to use them.

Find a Resource

You may use the Library's Find a Resource tool to browse e-books by subject area.

To access Find a Resource, click on the link above or go to the Research Resources menu on the Library's home page. Find a Resource is also found on the next tab over from NavigatorSearch, the central search box found on the Library’s homepage.

Once on the Find a Resource home page, go to the Browse by Subject area, as shown below. Once you select a broad subject area such as Social Sciences, you will be able to select a more specific subtopic.

Screenshot of Browse by Subject in Find a Resource.

Once you have selected your sub-category, your results screen will appear. Select Books Only to limit your results to just e-books, as shown below.

Find a Resource Search results screen with arrow pointing to Books Only.

Ebook Central

You may use the Library's Ebook Central database to browse e-books by subject area. To access Ebook Central, go to the Library's home page and select A-Z Databases. Next, select the letter "E" to access Ebook Central.

On the Ebook Central home page, click on Browse Subjects, as shown below.

Screenshot of the Ebook Central homepage with arrow pointing to Browse Subjects.


The resulting screen allows you to browse e-books by subject, as shown below.

Screenshot of the Browse Subjects page in Ebook Central.