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SCoE: Ed.D. Library Resources

Select Library Resources for Ed.D Students

Tests and Measurements Databases

Below are the core databases where you can find information about tests and measurements:

Finding Tests and Measurements

Below are visual aids to help you use the APA PsychInfo database to find tests and measurements: 

Search by Topic:

The search query in the second box is: 

test* OR measure* OR survey* OR questionnaire* OR scale*  OR inventor* OR checklist* OR instrument* OR pretest* OR posttest* OR interview*

To encompass all the variety of tests and measurements that may have been conducted for your topic

Search by Title:

If you know the name of the particular test or instrument, then you can do a title search, as shown below:

To find if the test instrument is included in the article, follow the example below:

1. Type in your topic in the first search box

2. Type in "appended" in the second search box. Change the field to "tests and measurements"

See screenshot below: 

For more detailed information, including a workshop on searching for tests and measurements, view our Tests and Measurements Guide.