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Professional Practice with Organizations and Communities

Lesson 6 Resources

Required Resources 

Macro Social Work Practice:  Advocacy in Action 
Tice, Long, & Cox (2019).  Macro social work practice:  Advocacy in action. California:  Sage Publishing. 

Ch. 9:  Policy Practice, Political Persuasion, and Advocacy 
This chapter describes evidence-based policy practice and the roles of social workers in communities and organizations. 

Collective Survival Strategies and Anti-Colonial Practice in Ecosocial Work 
Bell, F. M., Dennis, M. K., & Krings, A. (2019). Collective survival strategies and anti-colonial practice in ecosocial work. Journal of Community Practice, 27(3-4), 279-295.  
Ecosocial workers critically interrogate how agency, history, and culture structure environmental problems and our responses to them by developing a resilience-based framework and collective survival strategies (CSS). CSS considers power, culture, and history and builds upon the strengths of oppressed communities facing global environmental changes. We challenge the dominant narrative of climate change as a “new” problem and connect it to colonization. We discuss implications by examining a social work program explicitly built on Indigenous knowledges and anti-colonial practice. 

Hazards of our Helping Profession: A Practical Self-Care Model for Community Practice 
Brown, M. E. (2020). Hazards of our helping profession: A practical self-care model for community practice. Social Work, 65(1), 38-44. 
A research article examining a new self-care model specific to community practice in social work. 
The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) most recent version of the Code of Ethics. 

Explaining the Policy Practice of Community Social Workers 
Weiss-Gal, I., & Gal, J. (2020). Explaining the policy practice of community social workers. Journal of Social Work, 20(2), 216-233.  
This research article looked at a study that found community social workers are more likely to engage in policy when they enjoy the higher professional status, possess more policy practice resources, have higher psychological involvement in politics, are more involved in political and professional networks, and a sense that they enjoy greater organizational support for policy practice. 

What is Green Social Work?  
YouTube. (2020, October 10). What is Green Social Work? YouTube. Retrieved from 
Green Social Work Video   

Introduction to Self-Care  
Introduction to self-care. University at Buffalo School of Social Work - University at Buffalo.  

Community Toolbox