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Professional Practice with Organizations and Communities

Lesson 2 Resources

Required Resources 

Intersectional Trauma-Informed Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Services: Narrowing the Gap between IPV Service Delivery and Survivor Needs 
Kulkarni, S. (2019). Intersectional trauma-informed intimate partner violence (IPV) services: Narrowing the gap between IPV service delivery and survivor needs. Journal of family violence, 34(1), 55-64. 
This research article looks at developing more responsive services and resources for domestic violence survivors. 

Policy Levers to Promote Access to and Utilization of Children’s Mental Health Services: A Systematic Review 
So, M., McCord, R. F., & Kaminski, J. W. (2019). Policy levers to promote access to and utilization of children’s mental health services: A systematic review. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 46(3), 334-351. 
This research article examines policy solutions to increase access and utilization of a specific mental health service.  

Effectiveness of Police Crisis Intervention Training Programs 
Rogers, M. S., McNiel, D. E., & Binder, R. L. (2019). Effectiveness of police crisis intervention training programs. The journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, 47(4), 414-421. 
This research article analyzes the effectiveness of CIT training programs in law enforcement.  

Minneapolis-St. Paul 
FOX News Network. (n.d.). Minneapolis-St. Paul. Fox News. Retrieved from 

Minneapolis City Subcommittee Approves Police Request to Contract Social Workers 
Vacchiano, A. (2022, October 18). Minneapolis City Subcommittee Approves Police Request to contract social workers. Fox News. Retrieved from 


Building a Movement 
PBS. (2020, January 1). Building a Movement. In Films On Demand.