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Professional Practice with Organizations and Communities

Lesson 8 Resources

Required Resources 

Macro Social Work Practice:  Advocacy in Action  
Tice, Long, & Cox (2019).  Macro social work practice:  Advocacy in action. California:  Sage Publishing. 

Ch. 10:  Using Technology in Social Work Practice 
This chapter describes best practices for the ethical and effective use of technology in social work practice. Ethical dilemmas and strategies for using technology in macro practice settings are also explored. 

Ch. 12:  Evaluating Macro Change 
This chapter describes best practices for evaluating macro change in social work practice.  

Transforming Social Work’s Potential in the Field: A Radical Framework 
Bussey, S. R., Jemal, A., & Caliste, S. (2021). Transforming social work’s potential in the field: A radical framework. Social Work Education, 40(1), 140-154. 
This article examines a strategy for increasing macro practice experience in the field practicum. 

Innovative Tools to Support Family Caregivers of Persons with Cancer: The Role of Information Technology 
Demiris, G., Washington, K., Ulrich, C. M., Popescu, M., & Oliver, D. P. (2019, August). Innovative tools to support family caregivers of persons with cancer: The role of information technology. In Seminars in oncology nursing (Vol. 35, No. 4, pp. 384-388). WB Saunders. 
This research study analyzed different types of technology-facilitated by a social worker in providing support to families. 

Podcasting for Social Justice: Exploring the Potential of Experiential and Transformative Teaching and Learning Through Social Work Podcasts 
Ferrer, I., Lorenzetti, L., & Shaw, J. (2020). Podcasting for social justice: Exploring the potential of experiential and transformative teaching and learning through social work podcasts. Social Work Education, 39(7), 849-865. 
This article looks at how podcast technology can be another tool in macro practice.   

Cecile Richards, Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead 
Note: Would suggest purchasing this book.  

How to Write a Successful Executive Summary for Your Grant Proposal

Kaltura User Guide   
This is the user guide that will help you upload your video presentation. 

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