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Professional Practice with Organizations and Communities

Lesson 1 Resources

Required Resources 

Macro Social Work Practice:  Advocacy in Action 
Tice, Long, & Cox (2019).  Macro Social Work Practice:  Advocacy in Action.  California:  Sage Publishing. 

Ch. 1:  A Historical Perspective of Macro Practice and Advocacy 
This chapter sets the context for the importance of macro practice from a historical perspective and how that influences modern day social work practice in communities and organizations. 

Ch. 14:  Assessing Your Macro Practice Skills 
This chapter describes skills needed in macro social work practice, the important role of self-assessment and self-advocacy. 

Ch. 2:  Contemporary Macro Practice Perspectives 
This chapter provides good descriptions and applications of theories commonly used in macro social work practice. 

Ch. 6:  Exploring the Context of Communities and Community Practice 
This chapter explores how communities are defined, the functions of communities, trends, and applying the advocacy practice and policy model to community practice. This chapter will help complete the first assignment, and in thinking about the questions to ask the community leader, you will be interviewing.  

Census Bureau Data 
Bureau, U. S. C. (n.d.). Census Bureau Data. Explore census data. Retrieved  from 

Climate Change and Public Health: How Social Workers Can Advocate for Environmental Justice 
Jackson, K. (n.d.). Climate change and public health: How social workers can advocate for environmental justice. Climate change and public health: How social workers can advocate for environmental justice - social work today magazine. Retrieved  from 
This is the National Census Database; you will use this resource for the first assignment.  

Prevalence of Screening for Food Insecurity, Housing Instability, Utility Needs, Transportation Needs, and Interpersonal Violence by US Physician Practices and Hospitals 
Fraze, T. K., Brewster, A. L., Lewis, V. A., Beidler, L. B., Murray, G. F., & Colla, C. H. (2019). Prevalence of screening for food insecurity, housing instability, utility needs, transportation needs, and interpersonal violence by US physician practices and hospitals. JAMA network open, 2(9), e1911514-e1911514. 
This study’s findings suggest that few US physician practices and hospitals screen patients for all 5 key social needs associated with health outcomes. Practices that serve disadvantaged patients report higher screening rates. This research study used Census data. 

Isolation in the Midst of a Pandemic: Social Work Students Rapidly Respond to Community and Field Work Needs 
Morris, Z. A., Dragone, E., Peabody, C. & Carr,K.  (2020) Isolation in the midst of a pandemic: Social work students rapidly respond to community and fieldwork needs, Social Work Education, 39:8, 1127-1136, DOI: 10.1080/02615479.2020.1809649 
This article examines how graduate social work students in the United States created a project called, a volunteer call-based companion coordination project that connects social work students with those in need of social interaction.   

Meaningful Engagement in Research: Community Residents as Co-creators of Knowledge 
Suarez-Balcazar, Y. (2020), Meaningful engagement in research: Community residents as co-creators of knowledge. Am J Community Psychol, 65: 261-271. 
Community stakeholders must be meaningfully involved as co-creators of knowledge and promoters of social justice embracing a human rights agenda.  The following community engagement strategies are suggested: promoting meaningful participation of community members as co-creators of knowledge; promoting meaningful conversations that matter to communities; promoting civic engagement, activism, and advocacy; promoting an assets- and strengths-based approach to research; and promoting culturally relevant interventions. 

Explore Census Data 
Bureau, U. S. C. (n.d.). Explore Census Data . Explore census data. Retrieved  from 
Enter your zip code in the box to begin your search. Many different reports will come up; on the right column “Related Searches” list the most common searches/reports you will need for this assignment. 

Kaltura User Guide   
This is the user guide that will help you upload your video presentation. 

PowerPoint Presentation Tips 

25 Email Etiquette Rules & Tips Every Professional Needs to Know 
25 Email etiquette rules & tips every professional needs to know. 25 Email Etiquette Rules & Tips Every Professional Needs to Know. (n.d.).