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Module 1 Required Resources


  • In the Mather & Wendling text read the chapters:  
    • Chapter 2 -- How to Administer the WJ-IV ACH (pp. 21-68)  
      • Chapter 2 provides an overview of the Woodcock-Johnson IV Achievement battery.  In this chapter the reader will be able to identify the underpinnings of how to administer this test battery.  Basic assessment properties are explored such as basal and ceiling rules, timing rules, etc. Each of the 20 individual tests that make up the WJ-IV ACH are identified.  
    • Chapter 3 -- How to Score the WJ-IV ACH (pp. 69-86)  
      • Chapter 3 includes the scoring guidelines and procedures for the WJ-IV ACH assessment battery. The scoring processes for each of the individual tests in this battery are described.  
    • Chapter 4 -- How the Interpret the WJ-IV ACH (pp.87-158) 
      • Chapter 4 includes information related to the interpretation of scores obtained on the WJ-IV ACH battery. Scores derived from this battery are explained (e.g., Grade- and Age-Based norms, Relative proficiency Indexes, Instructional Zones, Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) levels, Percentile Ranks, etc.). (CLO 6; SPPE 8.1, 8.2)