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Module 5 Required Resources


  • In the Flanagan, Ortiz, and Alfonso (2013) text, read the chapters:  
    • Chapter 5 -- Cross-Battery Assessment of Individuals from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds (pp. 287-350) 
      • Chapter 5 includes information related to the use of the DD/C process of assessment with students who are culturally and linguistically diverse. Non-verbal testing, native-language testing, and English-language testing are explored. The XBA system includes a Cultural Language Test Classification and Interpretive Matrix (the Culture -Language Test Interpretive Matrix-C-LIM) which is explored in detail to assist the reader with understanding how to evaluate EL students using the DD/C PSW SLD model.    
    • Chapter 6 -- Strengths and Weaknesses of the Cross-Battery Assessment Approach (pp. 351-364) 
      • Chapter 6 provides an overview of the PSW model for SLD identification using a cross-battery approach. The strengths and limitations of this model are explored. The defensibility of this model is analyzed.  The XBASS software is explored including the C-LIM (EL assessment).