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Module 2 Required Resources


  • In the Flanagan & Alfonso (2018) test read chapters:  
    • Chapter 1 -- Overview of Specific Learning Disabilities (pp. 3-28) 
      • Chapter 1 provides an overview of the definition and classification of Specific Learning Disabilities. The chapter explores the three classification systems for SLD identification: Response to Intervention (RTI), Discrepancy, and Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW).   
    • Chapter 2 -- The Neuropsychology of Reading Disorder: How SLD Manifests in Reading (pp. 29-58) 
      • Chapter 2 explores how learning disabilities manifest in reading. The chapter includes information regarding the four subtypes of reading disorders, Dysphonetic Dyslexia (difficulty with sounding out words using phonics), Surface Dyslexia (difficulty with rapid and automatic recognition of words), Mixed Dyslexia (difficulty with phonological and orthographic processing), Comprehension deficits (understanding what one reads).   
    • Chapter 3 -- How SLD Manifests in Mathematics (pp. 59-102) 
      • Chapter 3 includes information regarding how learning disabilities in math manifest in children. This chapter includes information to assist the reader in discriminating between students who are low achievers in math and those who have math learning disabilities. 
    • Chapter 4 -- How SLD Manifests in Writing (pp. 103-144) 
      • Chapter 4 explores how Specific Learning Disabilities manifest in Writing. Writing is a complex task and involves using several skills simultaneously. Difficulty in any one of the processing areas can contribute to the difficulty. This chapter explores the differences in writing disabilities. The chapter includes information about spelling, written expression, basic writing skills, morphology, phonology, orthography, and handwriting.