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Research Process

These pages offer an introduction to the research process at a very general level.

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews is another Library database that is especially useful to find resources for a literature review or an annotated bibliography. The Annual Reviews publications' reprint and comment on the most influential articles that were published in a particular subject during a particular year. By searching Annual Reviews you will ensure that you are referencing and building upon the most influential research that has gone before.

For additional information, review the following:

Steps to Search Annual Reviews

  1. Search by your topic. Remember that you can limit your search results by selected journals, which in this database is very similar to limiting your search results by a particular subject.

    Screenshot of the Annual Reviews search screen.
  2. Articles that are available in full text will have a blue Full Text icon next to them in the search results list. You also have the option to refine your search results by author name, keyword, and journal (very similar to limiting by subject) on the search results page.

    Screenshot of the Annual Reviews search results screen.

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