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Research Process

These pages offer an introduction to the research process at a very general level.

Article Keywords and Subject Terms

Examining the keywords and subject terms assigned to your article may also assist you with locating similar or related sources. You should record these assigned terms somewhere and then use them to conduct new searches in the Library’s databases.

Article detailed records screen in Roadrunner with the Subject Terms and Keywords highlighted.

Looking at the article above, for example, we could identify our most relevant subject terms and then conduct an Advanced NavigatorSearch for those subject terms, as shown below. Keep in mind that you may retrieve a small number of search results; however, these results should be very closely related to your original article.

Roadrunner Advanced search screen showing an example search for SU Subject Terms.

Some databases, like ProQuest, will list the subject (or indexing) terms, giving you the ability to build new searches right from the record page using the subject terms associated with your original article. This can help you create a very precise search and in turn retrieve highly relevant results related to the original article.

ProQuest article screen with the "Search with indexing terms" area highlighted.

Refer to Subject Terms and Database Thesauri page for further instruction on conducting a Subject search.

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