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Research Process

These pages offer an introduction to the research process at a very general level.

Related Results

Some databases have gone one step further by automating the process to locate similar or related research. This feature is typically distinguished by a link to "similar articles", "related articles", “recommended articles” or "find more like this." Click on these links to pull up results that may be similar to your original article.

Below is a comprehensive list of Library databases with accompanying screenshots which provide links to similar, related, or recommended articles.

Related Results in Library Databases

This database provides links to MORE LIKE THIS as well as USERS ALSO READ. With these two options, you can view similar articles or take a look at what readers of your original article are also reading.

Annual Reviews article record screen with the Browse Related Reviews section highlighted.

Directly below these options there is a third option to FIND RELATED REVIEWS. You may search for articles by the same author(s) or articles which contain the same keywords.

Annual Reviews article record screen with the Find Related Reviews section highlighted.

Credo Reference article record screen with the Related Entries link highlighted.

In NavigatorSearch and the EBSCOhost databases, this feature is called “Find Similar Results” and is available on the left-hand side of the screen, as shown below.

Roadrunner article detailed record screen with the Find Similar Results link highlighted.

Note that when you click on the “Find Similar Results” link, Roadrunner (or EBSCOhost) will not keep any applied limiters, such as full text or scholarly/peer reviewed journals. You will need to add those back to your search on the results screen. Often times, this method of finding similar or related research results in an overwhelming number of hits. However, results are ranked by relevancy which means that the most similar articles should appear at the top of your list of results.

LearnTechLib article record screen with the Also Read section highlighted.

Screenshot of the Related items box in ProQuest Central.

Related content is available from the right hand panel and includes editorials, articles, books, topic collections, psychiatric news, APA guidelines, and PubMed articles.

PsychiatryOnline article record screen with the Related Content section highlighted.

ScienceDirect features hyperlinks to "Recommended articles" and "Related reference work articles". Recommended articles are determined using a form of collaborative filtering where articles that have been read, within a limited time window, by readers of the current article are selected. Order of presentation is based on recentness, overall popularity and reputation of the articles. Related reference work articles will display reference work entries such as handbooks, encyclopedias, and dictionaries related to your original article.

ScienceDirect search results screen with the Recommended articles and Related reference links highlighted.

SpringerLink article record screen with the Related Content section highlighted.

Taylor & Frances search results screen with the Related articles link highlighted.

Wiley Online Library article record screen with the "like this article" link highlighted.

Related Results in Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines.

To make searching in Google Scholar more effective, we recommend linking your Google Scholar account to NU Library. See our Google Scholar FAQ for instructions on how to do so.

Google Scholar search results screen with the Related Articles link highlighted.

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