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Statistics Resources

This guide contains all of the ASC's statistics resources. If you do not see a topic, suggest it through the suggestion box on the Statistics home page.

Getting Started with Statistics

Resources to get Started

Khan Academy Statistics and Probability Pages

Khan Academy Statistics Videos

Basic Statistics Tutorials

Stat Trek Website



Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages

G*Power 3 Homepage

R Homepage

SPSS Beginners Tutorials

Laerd Statistics

  • Note, For full access to all resources, this site requires a subscription but has excellent resources, especially for students conducting statistical analysis for their dissertations. There are many free resources on this site as well. 

Note: These are suggestions for additional help only. ASC staff cannot answer questions or troubleshoot questions about how to use these sites. ASC statistics coaches are happy to answer questions about statistical concepts via Ask a Coach or through coaching. See our Learn the ASC page for more information on coaching types.

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