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HSA-3000 Management Principles in Health Administration

Week 7 Resources

Chapter 12: Comprehensive Planning and Accountability Documentation
Liebler, J.G., & McConnell, C.R. (2020). Chapter 12: Comprehensive planning and accountability documentation. In Management principles for health professionals (8th ed., pp. 267-286).  Jones & Bartlett. eISBN-13: 9781284183511

This is your Redshelf text found in the Course Resources tab on the left side navigation bar. In this chapter, you will study the varied responsibilities of middle managers related to regular reporting and long-term planning. You will be introduced to a series of management documents, including the strategic plan, annual report, an executive summary of the annual report, project proposal, due diligence report, and plan of correction. You will study the essential elements of each plan and its importance to the organization. The chapter will also describe considerations related to the development of a business plan. After you complete the reading of the chapter, refer to Appendix 12-A, which provides a sample strategic plan. You can use this reference as a tool to help you develop the assignment for this week, which is an outline of a strategic plan. This outline will provide the framework for the plan for a new community health center, which you will prepare for your Signature Assignment in Week 8.