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TRA-7400 v1

Week 3 Resources

Building Bridges: Coauthoring a Class Handshake, Building a Classroom Community

Boyd, M. P., Jarmark, C. J., & Edmiston, B. (2018). Building bridges: coauthoring a class handshake, building a classroom community. Pedagogies, 13(4), 330–352.

This study describes the co-constructed ritualization of a class handshake. The research includes further explanation of social rituals and their significance in creating supportive learning environments.


“It’s All about the Relationships": Educators’ Rationales and Strategies for Building Connections with Students to Prevent Exclusionary School Discipline Outcomes

Anyon, Y., Atteberry-Ash, B., Yang, J., Pauline, M., Wiley, K., Cash, D., Downing, B., Greer, E., & Pisciotta, L. (2018). “It’s all about the relationships": Educators’ rationales and strategies for building connections with students to prevent exclusionary school discipline outcomes. Children & Schools, 40(4), 221–230.

Specific relationship-building routines such as morning meetings, advisory block, and home visits and greetings are discussed in the findings from this qualitative study of nonpunitive and nonexclusionary discipline.


Empathy, Teaching Dispositions, Social Justice and Teacher Education

Bullough, R. V. (2019). Empathy, teaching dispositions, social justice and teacher education. Teachers & Teaching, 25(5), 507-523. https://doi-org/10.1080/13540602.2019.1602518

The author discusses empathy as a notable teacher disposition and considers challenges around observing and measuring empathy. He recommends listening to learn as an alternative.


Empathy, Teacher Dispositions, and Preparation for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Warren, C. A. (2018). Empathy, teacher dispositions, and preparation for culturally responsive pedagogy. Journal of Teacher Education, 69(2), 169–183.

This study discusses perspective-taking as a strategy for increasing empathy toward diverse students and developing effective implementation of culturally responsive practices.


Traumatic Experiences, Perceived Discrimination, and Psychological Distress Among Members of Various Socially Marginalized Groups

Matheson, K., Foster, M. D., Bombay, A., McQuid, R. J., & Anisman, H. (2019). Traumatic experiences, perceived discrimination, and psychological distress among members of various socially marginalized groups. Frontiers in Psychology, 28.

This article discusses the role of a history of traumatic events on psychological distress and posttraumatic stress symptoms for people in cultural groups such as Indigenous, Black, and Jewish populations.