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TRA-7400 v1

Week 8 Resources

Leveraging CTE to Create Safe and Supportive School Environments: Techniques

Cobb, N., & Mosley, C. (2019). Leveraging CTE to create safe and supportive school environments: Techniques. Connecting Education & Careers, 94(2), 16–17. 

This article describes the Delphi approach to consensus building as a process for including high school students in improving school culture and climate. Adapting the Delphi approach can provide a research-based strategy for developing consensus.


Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning: A Guide to Theory and Practice

Cranton, P. (2016). Understanding and promoting transformative learning: a guide to theory and practice (Third edition.). Stylus Publishing, LLC.

Read chapter 10: The Educator’s Transformative Process, p. 138-149. This final chapter in Cranton (2016) will support you in reflecting on your own process and preparing to help other educators experience transformative learning.


A Review of the Success and Failure Factors for Change Management

Dempsey, M., Geitner, L., Brennan, A. & McAvoy, J. (2022). A Review of the Success and Failure Factors for Change Management. IEEE Engineering Management Review (50)1, pp. 85-93. doi: 10.1109/EMR.2021.3130989.


Communication that Reflects a Healthy School Culture: Design Thinking

Harrell, J. H. (2018). Communication that reflects a healthy school culture: Design thinking. Leadership, 47(3), 38–39. 

The author explains how elements of design thinking can be instrumental in successfully leading changes to the culture of educational organizations.