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TRA-7400 v1

Week 5 Resources


Race Resilience : Achieving Equity Through Self and Systems Transformation

Victoria E. Romero, Amber N. Warner, & Justin Hendrickson. (2022). Race Resilience : Achieving equity through self and systems transformation. Corwin.

Read Chapter 8, pp. 133 - 147: Educator resilience, educator race resilience, and mindfulness for racial equity. This chapter offers examples of district and school transformation. Information about professional learning and mindfulness in education are also included.


Measuring the Multicultural Dispositions of Preservice Teachers

Jensen, B., Whiting, E. F., & Chapman, S. (2018). Measuring the multicultural dispositions of preservice teachers. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 36(2), 120–135.

This article explains the development of the Multicultural Teacher Dispositions Scale.


The Trauma-Informed Equity-Minded Asset-Based Model (TEAM)

Ramasubramanian, S., Riewestahl, E., & Landmark, S. (2021). The Trauma-Informed Equity-Minded Asset-Based Model (TEAM): The six R’s for social justice-oriented educators. Journal of Media Literacy Education, 13(2), 29–42.

This article describes the Trauma-informed Equity-minded Asset-based Model (TEAM).