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TRA-7400 v1

Week 7 Resources

Loving Out Loud: Community Mentors, Teacher Candidates, and Transformational Learning Through a Pedagogy of Care and Connection

Zygmunt, E., Cipollone, K., Tancock, S., Clausen, J., Clark, P., & Mucherah, W. (2018). Loving out loud: Community mentors, teacher candidates, and transformational learning through a pedagogy of care and connection. Journal of Teacher Education, 69(2), 127.

This study investigates ways caring relationships between preservice teachers and volunteer community mentors transform future educators’ understanding of culture, community, and identity of children and families. 


Teachers in the “process of becoming”

Manuel, J., & Dutton, J. (2019). Teachers in the “process of becoming”: The role of pre-service teachers’ narratives in developing critical reflective practice. In S. P. Robinson, & V. Knight (Eds.). Handbook of research on critical thinking and teacher education pedagogy, p.15-38.  Information Science Reference.

Read Chapter 2: Teachers in the process of becoming (p. 15-38).


Transformative learning and the hidden dynamics of transformation

Eschenbacher, S. (2020). Transformative learning and the hidden dynamics of transformation. Reflective Practice, 21(6), 759–772.

This article describes transformational learning theory and its significance to educators who want to assist adult learners to reflect and transform assumptions.


Transformational learning theory and service-learning projects

Kornacki, G. (2020). Transformational learning theory and service-learning projects: Impact on teacher candidates’ perceptions of teaching in-risk youth. In G. Salinitri (Ed.), Handbook of research on leadership experience for academic direction (LEAD) programs for student success. (pp. 346–369). Information Science Reference/IGI Global.

This study examines the lived experience of graduates of the L.E.A.D. program on efficacy and perceptions of teaching youth at risk.

Transformational professional learning: Making a difference in schools

Netolicky, D.M. (2019). Transformational professional learning: Making a sifference in schools (1st ed.). Routledge.

Read Chapter 2: Transformative Professional Learning (p. 17-30).