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TRA-7400 v1

Week 4 Resources

Out of Trauma Comes Strength: The Trauma-Informed Positive Education (TIPE) Model

Funfar, M. G. (2022). Out of trauma comes strength: The Trauma-Informed Positive Education (TIPE) Model. In C. Bernadowski (Eds.), Strategies and methods for implementing trauma-informed pedagogy (pp. 208-224). IGI Global.

This chapter describes the TRIPE model which brings together the fields of positive education and trauma-informed practice.


Race Resilience : Achieving Equity Through Self and Systems Transformation

Victoria E. Romero, Amber N. Warner, & Justin Hendrickson. (2022). Race Resilience : Achieving equity through self and systems transformation. Corwin.

Read Chapter 4, pp. 45-66: Educators’ emotions matter, building up stamina for developing a race resilient climate. This chapter describes the importance of how educators’ feel and the milieu of the school environment.


Shifting Teacher Practice in Trauma-Affected Classrooms

Brunzell, T., Stokes, H., & Waters, L. (2019). Shifting teacher practice in trauma-affected classrooms: practice pedagogy strategies within a Trauma-Informed Positive Education Model. School Mental Health, 11(3), 600–614.

This study describes how elementary and secondary educators changed elements of their practice as a result of TRIPE training.