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Relational/Systemic Application in Larger Systems

Lesson 5 Resources

Required Resources  

The Application of Family Therapy Concepts to Influencing Organizational Behavior 
Hirschhorn, L., & Gilmore, T. (1980). The application of family therapy concepts to influencing organizational behavior. Administrative Science Quarterly, 25(1), 18–37. 
This article provides a brief review of structural family therapy and then gives an example of applying the approach toward organizational change. Be sure to notice the time and steps involved in creating such change. 

Narrative Approaches to Organizational Development: A Case Study of Implementation of Collaborative Helping 
Madsen, W. C. (2016). Narrative approaches to organizational development: A case study of the implementation of collaborative helping. Family Process, 55(2), 253–269. 
The authors of this article apply narrative therapy principles to creating change within a Child Services system. Pay close attention to the change process and the time/engagement required for success. 

Third‐Order Thinking in Family Therapy: Addressing Social Justice Across Family Therapy Practice 
McDowell, T., Knudson, M. C., & Bermudez, J. M. (2019). Third‐order thinking in family therapy: Addressing social justice across family therapy practice. Family Process, 58(1), 9–22.  
This article provides a conceptual bridge between clinical practice and larger social systems using the lens of third-order change. The authors discuss conceptualizations of power dynamics and third-order change in clinical practice. Use it for this week’s Reflection Post. 

How to Write an Elevator Pitch 
(2019). How to write an elevator pitch [Video]. SAGE Knowledge. 

Kaltura User Guide   
This is the user guide that will help you upload your video presentation. 

PowerPoint Presentation Tips