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Alumni RefWorks Access

NU Alumni retain access to their RefWorks account upon graduation.

Access RefWorks by logging into your NCUOne Portal and clicking on the Alumni Resources link. Or, login directly using the tabs below.

Login to RefWorks          

IMPORTANT: Legacy RefWorks (Old Version) was deactivated on June 30, 2023!

 Contact the Library with any questions.

NOTE: NU Alumni must log in to RefWorks using their NU school email address and selected password. You can update your account with a personal email address using the steps below. If you had a Legacy (Old) RefWorks account and you would like to create a new RefWorks account, please contact the NU Library:

You will be provided with a RefWorks activation link, code, and further instructions to finalize the creation of your new RefWorks account. For instructions on migrating your references from Legacy RefWorks to the newest version of RefWorks, please see the following FAQ.

Updating your RefWorks Account as Alumni

Alumni should update their RefWorks account prior to graduation by selecting the Alumni option from the Profile/Role Section of the Settings page. 

Alumni should also update their profile using a personal email address if they will no longer have access to their school email address. Update your email on the Profile/Email section of the Settings page.

For more information, see the Settings tab on the RefWorks Platform Overview & Features page.

 RefWorks screenshot showing the Profile page.


RefWorks screenshot showing the email field on the Profile page.


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