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Managing Folders in RefWorks

Creating and Managing Folders 

One way of arranging your references is to organize them into folders and sub-folders. Access your folders from the Left Sidebar. Folders tab in Left Sidebar

Managing Folders Tips

  • You can add subfolders to subfolders by using the three dots.

Adding subfolders

  • Note that you can add a single reference to multiple folders -- no need to duplicate the reference. When you edit a reference in one folder those edits also appear when you view the reference in another folder (since there is only one copy of the reference).

Adding References to Folders

There are several ways to file your references in RefWorks.

1. You can add a reference to a folder by dragging and dropping it into a selected folder, as shown below:

Adding References to a Folder


2. You can select multiple references from your All References or Last Imported tab and add them to a selected folder using the Assign to Folder tab in the Main Navigation. Selecting multiple references and adding them to a folder in RefWorks

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