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Tags in RefWorks


Adding tags, or specific keywords, allows you to further organize and manage your content. Tags are searchable within your RefWorks database. While tags may be automatically supplied by the author or publisher when saving to RefWorks, you can add your own or modify tags within the individual reference record.

For example, you might tag specific resources with the phrase Literature Review since you intend to use those sources and cite them in your research.

NOTE: Make sure that you are consistent in the way you create tags as spelling, capitalization, and spacing matter.

You can see tags applied to your references in the Normal View or Full View displays. 

  • Normal View

Tags displayed in normal view

  • Full View

Tags displayed in Full View

You can also click on a reference and view tags as displayed in the reference record.

Tags in the Reference Record

How do you create tags? 

To add a tag to a reference: 

  1. Click on a selected reference and select the Pencil edit_icon.png icon to edit the reference.
  2. Scroll to the Tags field and click on Add Tags
  3. Chose from a list of available tags in your database or type a new tag in the field. 
  4. Click on Save.

Adding tags to references in RefWorks

Searching References with Tags

There are two (2) ways to search for references using tags:

Option 1 

  1. On the Left Sidebar, click on the Tags tab.
  2. Click on a selected tag to see the list of references. Or, click on Search for Tags and enter the name of the tag that you would like to search. Click on the tag to see the list of references.

Search Tags in RefWorks from Left Sidebar

Option 2

  1. Click on the Advanced Search icon in the main navigation.
  2. Select from the list of word/phrase options, or type a tag to search.
  3. A list of references with the tag will be displayed.Search references by tags using advanced search

Deleting Tags 

To delete a tag from a selected reference: 

  1. Select the Pencil edit_icon.png icon to edit the reference.
  2. Scroll to the Tags field and click on the X to the right of the tag that you would like to delete.
  3. Click on Save.

Delete tags in RefWorks

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