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Books & Resources for JD Program

This guide contains required and recommended materials and resources for each course in the JD program of the JFK School of Law

Course Resource Overview

No required textbooks for this class.


LAW-865: AI & the LAW
2 Units
Course Description:
Artificial intelligence is changing the world, the workplace, and the practice of law. Attorneys
increasingly rely on AI-based tools to scan and review documents, find helpful case law, and draft
pleadings and other documents. But lawyers must be careful to understand both the capabilities and
limitations of artificial intelligence. The justice system will have to consider legal issues about
whether and when AI-based evidence will be admissible, who should bear the burden of showing it is
reliable, and how it can be challenged. This course will explore these and other issues as we examine
how AI works and how lawyers and the legal system can use it as a tool and deal with it as potential


Looking ahead: First week's reading assignment

Looking Ahead: Week 1 Resources

Required Readings for First Week of Class:

 SAS. (n.d.). Big data: What it is and why it matters. Retrieved from   data.html#:~:text=Big%20data%20refers%20to%20data,around%20for%20a%20long%20time

The Basics of Big Data - Discussion

Prior to beginning this discussion, be sure to read: 6 Links That Will Show You What Google Knows About You  and What Does Google Know About Me? 

Additionally listen to: U.S. GAO - The Federal Government Collects Large Amounts of Personal Data. But How Is It Protected? 

  • What surprised you about the data collection efforts you read about?
  • Next, check out some of the links from Google to see what information you can find about yourself.
  • Were you surprised by anything Google knows about you?
  • How comfortable are you with the amount of your personal data that has been collected and may be available?

Your initial post should be between 150 to 250 words and is due no later than Day 6 of each week by 11:59 a.m. Pacific Time. No late posts will be accepted unless an extension has been granted by your professor after timely notification of the need for an extension based on extraordinary circumstances and the granting of that request.

Responding to peers: You must respond to two of your classmates. Your responses to classmates are due no later than Day 7 of each week by 11:59 p.m. PT. 

*Discussion forum board cannot be linked here in this guide, please locate it in your Week 1 class module. Use this content to prepare your post for the end of the first week.*