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Books & Resources for JD Program

This guide contains required and recommended materials and resources for each course in the JD program of the JFK School of Law

Required Textbooks

2 textbooks below (Valid starting Spring 2022: Course #8040777101)

1. Legal Method and Writing II: Trial and Appellate Advocacy, Contracts, and Correspondence, Eighth Edition by Charles R. Calleros, Kimberly Y.W. Holst

Where to access: Integrated into your Course > Course Information > Course Resources.

2. Murray, M. & DeSanctis, C. (2015) Legal research methods (2nd ed.). West Academic. ISBN: 9781609302429. First time using this textbook, you will go directly to, locate the book under "Materials Provided by my School," agree to the Terms of Service, then you can view the E-Book. 

What is Legal Research & Writing?

Legal Research and Writing builds on the skills learned in Legal Methods and Examination Skills. Students conduct research in the Law Library, find the law applicable to hypothetical problems, and write memoranda analyzing the rights and obligations of the clients.