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Books & Resources for JD Program

This guide contains required and recommended materials and resources for each course in the JD program of the JFK School of Law

Required Textbooks

This course uses one textbook, located on West Academic e-Bookshelf

1. Bankruptcy, 10th Ed. (2015), Daniel J. Bussel and David A. Skeel Jr.

Publisher: West Academic (Eproducts Book Portal)

First time using this textbook, you will go directly to, locate the book under "Materials Provided by my School," agree to the Terms of Service, then you can view the E-Book. 

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy: A legal procedure, by which a debtor is relieved of his debts. Under the Federal Bankruptcy Act, a debtor's assets may be liquidated to pay his creditors, or, under a provision of the Act, debtor's assets are not liquidated, and debtor is allowed to reorganize, continue business, and pay creditor from future earnings.

Recommended Resources

Each of the following recommendations are available on your West Study Aids Subscription. Click on each to be redirected to the resource on West Study Aids. 

1.  Principles of Bankruptcy Law

2. Gilbert Law Summary on Bankruptcy

3. Law of Bankruptcy

4. A Short & Happy Guide to Bankruptcy

5. Sum and Substance Audio on Bankruptcy

6. Epstein's Law School Legends Audio on Bankruptcy, 2d

7. Black Letter Outline on Bankruptcy and Related Law

8. Elements of Bankruptcy, 6th